Mortgage Pre-Approval Process  

If you ask most real estate agents they will tell you that the pre-approval process is paramount to their success in finding you the right home. Unfortunately, many realtors feel uncomfortable asking their clients to do so in fear that it will turn business away. This is not the smartest way considering house hunting requires many hours of work and time viewing which may result in failure if the buyer does not know from the start exactly how much house he or she can afford.

Look at it like baking a cake without the proper measurements. You can try to guess how much of each ingredient to put in but if you are wrong, which odds are you will be, you would have wasted your time in the kitchen. A pre-approval guards you against that. No one wants to fall in love with a house after months of searching only to discover what they thought they could afford is not a reality. In the meantime, you have let all the homes in your budget get sold to others.

In order to avoid this scenario, a pre-approval is a document which takes into consideration your income and credit score in order to pre-qualify you for financing should you become interested in purchasing a home. This will ensure you are confident when making an offer and it shows the seller how serious of a buyer you truly are.

By simply filling out the questionnaire on our website, you will be pre-approved for your purchase today.

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